Dear Colleagues and Peers,

We would like to invite you to take part in an exciting new project in language teaching and language learning management as a beta tester. There is no cost or obligation and, as a user, you can easily improve the services you provide to your students and clients, save time and become better organized.

Save time, teach & learn better with MyLAMPA

MyLAMPA is a social enterprise in language education. LAMPA means Lesson & Activity Management, Planning & Access and it is:

  • more than a powerful free lesson planner for language teachers
  • more than a free resource centre for language teachers,
  • more than a simple and free LMS for language schools,
  • more than professional networking…

It helps you teach the way you want to teach while improving your competitive position in a crowded language teaching market.

For more information, click here to link to website where you can register…and please share this with other colleagues and peers.

Sign up today! We look forward to making a difference together with you!

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