Language Teachers


As a language teacher, wouldn’t it be nice to be better able to organize your work and save time, to have all your favourite learning activity resources at your fingertips, and to have easy, barrier-free communication with colleagues, team teachers and peers around the globe?

MyLAMPA - Teachers Together...

  • It's a very powerful lesson planner

  • It's a personal activity resource library

  • It's peer-to-peer networking for teachers

  • It saves teachers time

  • It helps teachers teach better

  • It helps teachers organize themselves

  • It gives teachers confidence

  • It gives teachers support and mentoring

  • It's flexible for any teaching context

  • It's FREE... In fact, you can earn money using it.

MyLAMPA has features for language teachers:


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Partner Benefits

Aside from being able to access MyLAMPA’s powerful, intuitive and timesaving tools for free and expanding your professional networks, MyLAMPA can supplement your regular income (See Peer-to-Peer Partnering to find out how).