Lesson & Activity Management, Planning & Access

MyLAMPA is a one-of-a-kind, all-in-one and intuitive platform designed for language teachers and schools that combines peer-to-peer networking, teaching and learning tools, and resources in an innovative approach to lesson planning, organization of teaching activities & learning management. It is the evolution of the learning management system developed by language teachers and for everyone involved in the language teaching/learning process.


"The MyLAMPA system is a modern, comprehensible and sophisticated programme which saves time and money. It is user-friendly and makes communication between the teacher and the students quick and effective. ...I am sure that it is all you need to make your teaching even more successful."

Mgr. Jana Rabštejnková (English teacher)

"I team-teach several classes, and MyLAMPA is invaluable for coordinating with the other teachers."

Melinda Brasher (EFL teacher)

"As a student – I found the MyLAMPA system very useful. When students cannot attend a lesson, they can see the lesson plan and what the homework is. As a teacher – I like the MyLAMPA system because: The lesson plan can be written down easily and is well organised, I can make a note of new vocabulary, If I teach a group or a student together with another colleague, we can communicate easily and write messages to one another."

Hana Sívková (English teacher/student)

"I work as a teacher and a manager of a language school. In both roles, I’ve found MyLAMPA to be one of the most convenient, practical and, yes, valuable tools I could possibly imagine using. It’s become such an integral part of the way we run our school that it’s hard to imagine running without it…that’s HOW GOOD IT IS. Many of the students like it too and I look forward to seeing it develop further."

Lance Adam LaSalle (Language school co-director)

"...I can see how the program improves day by day and how good is for teachers and students. This system really helps us to connect between each other faster and efficiently."

Milagros Blažek Abon (English/Spanish teacher)

"I have been (testing) MyLAMPA for over a year now. Love the way it tracks my teachers schedules."

Michael J. Whittemore (Academic director)

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