Language Schools


As a language school, how would you like to have a simple tool with which you can manage language learning and help your teachers do their jobs more efficiently and effectively? What would you say if you could achieve this for FREE while giving yourself an opportunity to supplement your income at the same time? It sounds too good to be true, but that is exactly what Lesson & Activity Management, Planning & Access (MyLAMPA) can do for you.

MyLAMPA enlightens...

  • It's a simple lesson management system with all the teaching, attendance and lesson reports you need

  • It helps managers monitor lesson content

  • It helps your teachers teach better

  • It helps managers provide accountability to clients

  • It empowers teachers

  • It ensures better continuity and promotes teamwork among teachers

  • It's FREE... In fact, you can earn money using it.

MyLAMPA has tools for language schools:


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Partner Benefits

Aside from being able to access MyLAMPA’s powerful, intuitive and timesaving tools for free while improving quality and competitive position, MyLAMPA can supplement your school’s revenue and help your teachers earn more at no cost to you (See Peer-to-Peer Partnering to find out how).