For Language Students


As a language student, you can use MyLAMPA to manage your own learning. Connect with your teachers and, even if you miss a lesson, you can easily check the material covered or homework assigned. Manage and learn your vocabulary even outside of the classroom with the mobile learning app. MyLAMPA makes language learning fun and gives you transparency at the same time!

MyLAMPA is switched on learning...

  • It helps students learn classroom material outside of lessons

  • It provides learners with an interactive dictionary connected to the teacher's vocabulary list

  • It gives learners learning games to practise vocabulary

  • It helps learners track homework

  • It helps learners track lessons missed

  • It helps learners report absences

  • It features a free mobile app

  • It's FREE and connects your mobile app to your courses

MyLAMPA supports language students with:


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