The Lesson Plan: Building Language Courses with MyLAMPA

In the end, a successful language course is much, much more than a stack of lesson plans. However, after the needs assessment and the curriculum, the lesson plan is where formal learning begins. Lesson plans can provide a lesson-by-lesson narrative of the progression of a course.

Whether written as a series of step-by-step teaching procedures or as an informal outline, the lesson plan is the blueprint for learning and the teacher is the architect. We build when we learn and teach; new skills build on those that have been learned before and provide foundations for those to follow.

This is why a well-designed teaching platform, and by extension any teacher-friendly learning management system (LMS), should begin where the teacher begins – with the lesson.

MyLAMPA was originally designed by teachers in order to help them do their jobs more efficiently. Since its early development, the platform has evolved to afford countless other benefits including improved continuity, cost and time savings, enhanced accountability to learners, and a source of wide-ranging information for all stakeholders in the learning process. It has become an evolution of the LMS. With the lesson plan at the core, teachers, learners, language schools and their corporate clients all reap significant benefits.

MyLAMPA’s powerful lesson planner allows teachers to import engaging learning activities directly into an electronic lesson plan document, track activities used, record and share vocabulary taught, copy complete or parts of lesson plans into future lessons, and easily communicate with team teachers. It also provides learners, language school managers and their clients with an overview of material covered, new language introduced, attendance history, homework assigned, hours taught and lesson status.

Try MyLAMPA – there are no costs or obligations for freelance language teachers and schools! The only thing to lose is an opportunity.

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