How Language Teachers Manage Learning Activities with MyLAMPA

Learning activities are the backbone of any language lesson and they are the media with which language teachers engage learners. Without these activities, we have only personal charm and the wealth of subject knowledge stored in our brains to fall back on – unfortunately for most of us, charm and knowledge only go so far.

When we are starting out as young language teachers we seek out and hoard learning activities. As we gain experience, we continue to use the ideas we have found and begin designing our own activities. We settle into our own approach or style.

Here’s the problem; although there is no shortage of creative activity ideas for language teaching, it can be a real challenge keeping track of them all.

How do we store and retrieve all of the brilliant ideas we have acquired or developed? Do we stuff them into corners of our minds thinking that we will remember them a year, or five years, from now? Do we write them down or copy them and stash them in a box or filing cabinet? Do we save them in the “Activities” folder on our hard drive? Or do we let them fall along the wayside hoping that we can find something similar down the road if the need presents itself again?

Many of us have probably done all of the above but, surely, there must be a better way!

MyLAMPA (My Lesson & Activity Management, Planning & Access) is a brand new free cloud-based platform for language teachers and schools. MyLAMPA allows teachers to store activities in a personal library and, if they wish, to import them directly into a professional lesson plan. Teachers can write their own materials and share them with a larger community of peers in the public activity resource library. This allows other teachers to conduct searches to find new or long forgotten activities when they need them. The result is that language teachers enjoy huge time savings, access to a community of peers and an organizational tool that will help them teach more effectively and efficiently. Click here to create your free account at

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