Maintaining Continuity in Language Teaching

Ironically, when we are conducting language courses, the most pressing communication problems to be resolved are often found with the teachers themselves rather than among the learners they are trying to help. Whether maintaining continuity from one lesson to the next or communicating with team or substitute teachers, information must be tracked.

Effectively utilizing two or more teachers in lessons with the same students is especially tricky. Lapses in teacher-teacher information exchanges can result in awkward and embarrassing situations. Accordingly, we make efforts to prevent communication oversights by implementing “systems” that include media such as email, post-it notes, phone calls, text messaging, meetings or informal “chats”. The problem is that these media are usually time-consuming and/or inadequate.

So, how can we quickly and effectively remind ourselves or let other teachers know what material has been covered, what vocabulary has been introduced, what homework has been given, what activities we have used, who was absent, how we are planning to continue in the next lesson and how we would like to follow on with the learners? How do we ensure that there is continuity  language teaching?

This is one of the many areas in which MyLAMPA truly facilitates language teaching. MyLAMPA provides simple yet detailed information from previous lessons and allows teachers to leave an information trail and reminders for lessons or teachers to follow. It maintains continuity in language teaching.

MyLAMPA not only creates partnerships among language teaching professionals around the world, it also strengthens teams within local teaching contexts. Our mission is to bring teachers, learners and tools together. Click here to sign up and try it out – it’s FREE!

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