Language School Managers & Freelancers – Getting in Gear for a New School Year!

Getting All Geared Up

We all struggle to get our teaching and business activities planned and organized so that we can offer our students and corporate clients better value. Depending on the hemisphere in which we work, it’s a spring or autumn ritual. It is one important step in ensuring student, teacher and client satisfaction and loyalty in the upcoming school year and beyond.

So, I am pleased to announce that, as of this spring, small- to medium-sized language schools and freelance teachers can supplement the services they provide with a powerful and easy-to-use new set of teaching and organizational tools and resources for FREE. In fact, you can supplement your income as a MyLAMPA Partner! (If you are interested in MyLAMPA partnership, send us an email by clicking here.)

What is MyLAMPA?

In addition to a partnership opportunity, MyLAMPA is a social enterprise intended to support education initiatives around the globe. MyLAMPA means My Lesson & Activity Management, Planning & Access. It is a cloud-based language teaching, learning and management platform that is simple enough to be used by laypeople, yet fully integrated to be the foundation for the efficient organization, planning and execution of teaching and management activities.

Features & Tools for Teachers & Schools

  • a time-saving and powerful lesson planner for teachers
  • an activity resource bank and library for teachers
  • multiple timetable views for language schools, teachers and students
  • global peer-to-peer networking for teachers and school managers
  • vocabulary tracking for teachers and students
  • personal dictionaries for students
  • mobile learning games for students
  • lesson reporting for students and school managers
  • a simple Learning Management System (LMS) for language schools
  • reports for schools and clients

We welcome you to create a free account by clicking here and filling out the registration form – there are no obligations. If you know others who could benefit from MyLAMPA, please feel free to share this post.

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