Peer-to-Peer Partnering

How does partnership work?

User-generated content and sharing:

MyLAMPA is built from the lesson up in order to provide significant benefits to all stakeholders in the teaching activity. It is also rooted in the premise that teachers can learn from and assist their colleagues and peers around the globe. Sharing of know-how and user-generated content are key.

Inviting colleagues, peers and students:

In order to spread MyLAMPA all over the world to broaden that knowledge base, MyLAMPA relies on teachers and schools inviting other teachers and school managers to join our global community of educators.

Teachers and schools may also invite their own students to connect. This gives learners and school administrators full access to useful information about course content as well as records, reports and an efficient communication tool.

When inviting students and peers, partners are also helping to contribute to education initiatives in areas of the world where there is a need!

Learner access and apps:

When a learner is invited, the learner will be asked if he/she wishes to purchase a 1-year license ($7.89/yr.). The learner can also download the free LAMPA Learning app on the App Store, Google Play or the Microsoft Store, which will synchronize the system information with a mobile device if the student has the license.

Any MyLAMPA user can become a partner...

MyLAMPA partners (teachers or schools) may invite their students and/or peers with the network and earn commissions. By inviting others, users can supplement their incomes and become MyLAMPA affiliates.