A Blog for Language Teachers

This blog is intended for teachers of foreign languages and language school managers. We provide observations and insights into practical issues in language teaching and approaches that work with language students. We advocate a critical and communicative approach to ELT and blended language learning.

Lesson & Activity Management, Planning & Access

We also try to point out advantages to using technology in teaching and LAMPA (Lesson & Activity Management, Planning & Access) in particular. The LAMPA system allows language teachers, schools and students to make use of time-saving tools for lesson planning, vocabulary tracking, course tracking, scheduling and reporting lessons. It is also an activity resource and sharing tool for language teachers.


Raising the Bar in Language Teaching

How do learners evaluate language courses? The best language course in which the learner has ever participated has set the bar. From a teacher’s or language […]

What is a native-speaking EFL teacher worth? A rational approach

How much should language schools pay good teachers? Intuitively, one would expect that, if the students have had a great learning experience, any language school manager […]